Monday, July 29, 2013

The Family That Stays Together

I received a copy of The Family That Stays Together by Deborah Plummer Bussey from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
When a television celebrity becomes suspect in the murder of her ex-fiance, sister sleuths Kathy and Tina rally to support their family friend.  Soon they end up in trouble.  Will family ties be strong enough to protect a suspected murderer?
This book wasn't what I was expecting at all.  At time I really had to concentrate to keep up with the story and where it was taking me.  I will admit the ending was a total surprise and I actually had to read the last few pages twice to make sure I read what I thought I had.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dangerous Depths

Dangerous Depths by Colleen Coble
Leia ditched a promising medical career to settle on a secluded island of Hawaii. She ditched Bane, too, and he's come to the island to find out why. He's also in search of a fortune rumored to lie offshore. But an act of sabotage that pushes Bane closer to Leia plunges them both into a tangle of emotion--just as a series of threatening events grip the island.
Theft, a friend's death, a bizarre intruder, hints of a second treasure...and even murder--how can they sort it all out when everyone on the island has something to hide?
This is the last book in the Aloha Reef Series.  This was another book that I had a hard time figuring out who the bad guy was before it was reveled.  In my opinion it seemed to have left a lot unsaid.  I wonder if she had thought about doing a follow up book on everyone in the series.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black Sands

Black Sands book 2 in the Aloha Reef Series by Colleen Coble.
As a volcano on Hawaii begins to rumble, sudden, inexplicable tragedies bring an unlikely couple together.

Annie Tagama has always been content to bask in the glow of her brother and sister and to quietly assist her father in his volcano research. Annie has a secret crush on Mano Ohana, though he's never noticed her. Her devotion turns to disdain after a mistake by Mano kills her beloved brother.

But when her younger sister goes missing, she's forced to turn to her former love, now her sworn enemy, for help.

Mano Ohana made a fateful mistake that cold night. A mistake that probably cost the life of his best friend, Tomi Tagama. But the night before he is to bring Tomi's belongings to his family, Mano discovers his friend is still alive--but he's in serious danger. Worse, the danger threatens to spill over to the rest of the Tagama family-and the entire Hawaiian islands.

This is a great book about forgiveness and accepting the truth.  I had a hard time guessing who was behind the disappearance of Leilani and was completely surprised when it was revealed.  Mano had a hard time admitting to his weakness but like all of us we have weaknesses that we need to learn to live with.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

God's Gift

God's Gift by Dee Henderson.
Missionary work in Africa was the most difficult and faith-affirming labor James Graham had ever faced, and warm, homey presents from a Good Samaritan back home gave him hope to carry on. But an injury halted his work and sent him home to Chicago. There, James met Rachel Ashcroft, who'd sent those thoughtful gifts, and he was intrigued by the sadness that shadowed her features. Bringing the light back into Rachel's face gave him new purpose, but was this respite only temporary? Or could James release his past and open his heart to receive Rachel's gift of love?

I've been looking for new authors and I found Dee Henderson.  I look forward to reading more of her books.  Reading this book gives me a new perspective on people who live life with constant pain.  I don't know how I would do if I was in that position and I really hope I don't have to find out.  Having the great friends that James and Rachel have are a great blessing to them both.  They both have a problem with limitations, but with the help of great friends will learn to accept what they can and can't do each day.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Distant Echoes

I just finished reading Distant Echoes Aloha Reef Series, Book 1 by Colleen Coble.
In the land of aloha and paradise, dark secrets lurk just below the surface.
When a tragic accident downs a tourist boat off the coast of Hawaii, dolphin researcher Kaia Oana is one of the first in the water, risking her own life to try and save others. She’s enlisted to help the U.S. Navy find out what really happened – utilizing her specially trained dolphins to help
Kaia and Lieutenant Commander Jesse Matthews team up in the investigation – but as they edge closer to the truth about the incident, their own lives are threatened. Will a spirit of grace and forgiveness prevail or will it be overshadowed by the distant echoes of past pain and the imminent danger from a cold-blooded killer?
Set on the breathtaking Hawaiian island of Kauai, this novel provides an intoxicating mix of romance and suspense with the rhythms of island life.
I got hooked on this book very easily.  The use of some of the Hawaiian language did throw me a little until I realized there was a glossary of Hawaiian terms in the back of the book that also helped with how to pronounce them.  The characters were very well developed and easy to relate to.  I loved Nani the dolphin that Kaia had raised and the thought of being able to communicate with her.  There were several twists that I didn't see coming which is always nice.  I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winter Turns to Spring

This book focuses on Brad and Ashley Hanes, young newlyweds who are facing their first season of winter. Opposite work schedules, differing views on finances and when to start a family, and Brad’s selfish and immature habits are forcing the young couple apart, causing them to question why they ever got married in the first place. It will take a whole lot of help—mostly from their nosy but well-meaning neighbors—for Ashley and Brad to pull their marriage out of the winter blues and into a hopeful spring. As usual, the residents of Deepwater Cove will pop in and out of the story to delight readers. They’ll encounter Cody and see his continued independence and growing friendship with Jennifer; Patsy and Pete’s escalating romance; and Charlie, a recent widower who is taking on the challenges and excitement of his golden years with zeal.
I really enjoyed this series.  Getting to know each couple was like getting to know old friends again.  Having everyone work together when times get bad and always looking out for the well being of your neighbors and friends is so nice.  I really would like to see every neighborhood be like this again.