Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Corporation of Angels

I received a copy of A Corporation of Angels by James H Barrett Jr. from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Directly behind the tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a building that houses a family-run business devoid of political, greed, and power struggles. Teamwork, kindness, and compassion for others are prerequisites for employment at C.O.A. Inc., for it is not a typical company: it is the Corporation of Angels and its CEO is God.
Angels, who are allowed to choose their own names while working for C.O.A., work discreetly alongside walking souls while attempting to keep Lucifer and his company, Hostile Takeover Enterprises, at bay. Gabriel and his partner, Sarah, are two angels working on Project Lost Faith, a special assignment to help reinstate faith in God. As the pair attempts to outsmart Lucifer’s cronies, everyone is watching, especially the CEO of C.O.A. But Gabriel and Sarah are not the only angels on important missions battling those who prey on the weak and hopeless.
In this inspirational tale filled with suspense and humor, a corporation of angels diligently works to engage Christians about their faith while doing their best to keep Lucifer from carrying out his own mission.
This was an interesting book.  It tells about the Corporation of Angels (COA) run by God and Hostile Takeover Enterprises (HT) run by Lucifer.  COA is always watching out for walking souls and does all they can to keep them safe.  HT is always trying to cause danger to walking souls.  The teamwork of COA's Angels makes me wish all businesses were run like that.