Monday, December 24, 2012

Killer Crust

I received a copy of Killer Crust by Chris Cavender from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 
Eleanor Swift isn't amused when Laughing Luigi - the sketchy frozen pizza dough baron - walks into her Timber Ridge, North Carolina pizzeria.  But his pizza-making contest seems on the up and up...and sprucing up her beloved pizzeria, "A Slice of Delight", with $25,000 in first-prize money would be a dream come true.  But Luigi is soon up to his snicky tricks, and Eleanor and her sister Maddie aren't the only contestants who find the pizza dough king distasteful.  Then Luigi is found dead on the floor, with a slice of poisoned pizza!  If Eleanor and Maddie want to find the real killer and win the $25,000, they're going to have to juggle seriously surreptitious sleuthing with the pressure-packed pizza-making performances...before the real killer dishes them their own slices of death!
This is a good book and has some twists that I didn't see coming.  All of the pizza-making contestants had motive all the way through the contest.   Up until the end I was sure that a couple of the other characters had been in the murder together.  This is one of the Pizza Lovers Mysteries books and since it's the first I've read I was surprised to find a recipe at the end.  The author says that the first book also has a recipe at the end.  I wonder if all Cavender's book will have one.

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