Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pastors' Wives

I received a copy of Pastors' Wives by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Pastors’ Wives follows three women whose lives converge and intertwine at a Southern evangelical megachurch. Ruthie follows her Wall Street husband from New York to Magnolia, a suburb of Atlanta, when he hears a calling to serve at a megachurch called Greenleaf. Reeling from the death of her mother, Ruthie suffers a crisis of faith—in God, in her marriage, and in herself. Candace is Greenleaf’s “First Lady,” a force of nature who’ll stop at nothing to protect her church and her husband. Ginger, married to Candace’s son, struggles to play dutiful wife and mother while burying her calamitous past. All their lives collide during a fateful event that threatens the survival of all that is precious to them, each will ask herself: what is the price of loving a man of God?  Inspired by Cullen’s reporting for Timemagazine, Pastors’ Wives is a passionate portrayal of the private lives of pastors’ wives, caught between the consuming demands of faith, marriage, duty, and love.
The book was a little slow starting for me, but as we got into each of the lives of the women the story really took off.  Candace is by far the strongest character in the book but also the most feared and admired.  All the women live with a fear of their true self being found out.  In the end once everything's out in the open is when they all find true happiness.  

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