Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I received a copy of Derailed by Neta Jackson and Dave Jackson from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
After marrying Estelle, the love of his life, ex-cop Harry Bentley’s apartment feels too cramped, especially since he’s now raising his grandson. God seems to provide the perfect solution—a two-flat that would also provide an apartment for his elderly mother. But when plans go awry, Harry has to go back to work as a detective, receiving a bizarre undercover assignment that sends him across the country by train and raises suspicions about his own son’s involvement in a major drug cartel.
It feels like God keeps switching signals—left, right, stop, go? Each time Harry thinks he’s following God’s leading, his plans get derailed and he’s left frustrated, wondering why God isn’t helping out.
Perhaps the only thing going right is he and Estelle are getting to know their new neighbors . . . but discover a block so disconnected one woman almost died unnoticed. Determined to make a difference, Harry and Estelle begin reaching out to their neighbors one plate of cinnamon rolls at a time.
This is the second book in the Windy City Neighbors series. It focuses on the Bentley family as they move onto Beecham Street.  Harry's still new to the following God thing and struggles with all the changes that happen to his perfectly planned life.  He learns looking back on everything that God had a plan and it was a better plan than Harry saw coming.  He's given a second chance to be a father and husband and he takes the chance to live up to the man God wants him to be.

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