Monday, November 4, 2013

Until Death

I received a copy of Until Death by Alicia Rasley from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Accident? Suicide? Or Murder?
Searching for the answer may just get her killed.
The last thing Meg O'Brian wants is further contact with her ex-husband, Don, and his young trophy wife. She's ready to move on, to start a new life, maybe with a new man who knows nothing about her past failure at love. But now Don is dead, possibly murdered, putting their 15-year-old son's financial legacy and emotional security at risk for the second time in the year since the divorce.
Meg must investigate Don's tangled business affairs and turn up the heat on his tawdry widow. Unfortunately, the only one who can help her discover the truth is the man who destroyed all her illusions two years ago—her cynical, burnt-out-on-matrimony marriage counselor, Mike Warren, the guy who knows her history all too well and won't hesitate to use it against her.
This was a slow book getting started.  It wasn't as suspenseful as I had expected.  Meg lived a pretty boring life as an accountant who's husband ran off with a 20 something bleach blonde.  Now he's dead and the police are saying it was suicide.  Meg doesn't believe that at all and makes it her quest to find out the truth.  Finding out that her ex-husband didn't leave anything for their son helps to fuel her fire for the truth.  She has only one person she can turn to for help and he happens to be the marriage counselor the she and he ex used for marriage counseling a year before.  He's not her first choice because obviously the counseling didn't help to save the marriage.  Her route for tracking down the killer goes better in her head than it does in real life.

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