Thursday, December 5, 2013

Murder and Moonshine

I received a copy of Murder and Moonshine by Carol Miller from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
All small towns have secrets—and plenty of them—as every small town waitress knows. Daisy is no different. A young, recently-separated waitress at H&P's Diner in sleepy southwestern Virginia, she hears more than her fair share of neighborhood gossip while serving plates of hash and peach cobbler. But when a reclusive old man, Dickerson, shows up at the diner one day, only to drop dead a few minutes later, Daisy quickly learns that some secrets are more dangerous to keep than others—especially when there’s money and moonshine involved.

Daisy finds herself caught between whiskey and guns; a handsome ATF agent and a moonshine-brewing sweet talker; and a painful past and a dangerous present. Not sure any longer who she can trust, Daisy must turn sleuth while also protecting her sick mother and keeping a handle on Aunt Emily, her goading, trigger-happy landlord. There's trouble brewing in her small town, and before it passes, many secrets will come to light.
This is a good book that kept me guessing from the beginning.  Daisy is a small town girl that can hold her own in any situation.  Her family was done wrong by the ATF 5 years ago but she hasn't forgotten any of it and Ethan Kinney finds this out the hard way.  They work together to get to the bottom of Fred's murder, but not before other friends and family get hurt.

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