Thursday, March 12, 2015

Elementary My Dear Watkins

Elementary My Dear Watkins Book 3 in the A Smart Chick Mystery series by Mindy Starns Clark.
When someone tries to push Jo Tulip in front of a New York train, her ex-fiance, Bradford, suffers an injury while saving her—and the unintentional sleuth is thrown onto the tracks of a very personal mystery.
Jo’s boyfriend, Danny Watkins, is away in Paris, so she begins a solo investigation of her near–murder. What secret was Bradford about to share before he took the fall? And when Jo uncovers clues tied to Europe, can she and Danny work together in time to save her life?

This was a great book to end a wonderful series.  It kept me guessing the more I got into the story.  I love how Alexa, Mrs. Bosworth and Jo all got to know each other and find a love that they all needed.  I also was glad to see Jo stand up to her parents and that they finally realized all they had put her though.

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