Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tender Mercies

I received a copy of Tender Mercies by Mary Manners from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
When Lexi Taylor resorts to hosting an online auction to raise money for her fledgling youth center, the last thing she expects is to be matched for a date with Cooper Jackson. Lured by the promise of a lucrative NFL career, the hometown hero and former University of Tennessee quarterback, broke off their engagement without so much as a backward glance. Now, six years later, he's come home to nurse an injured knee and his wounded pride—and he wants Lexi back.
But, a heartbreaking secret stands between them, and Lexi plans to keep it that way.
Can Cooper's gentleness and renewed faith coax the secret to the surface? And if he does, will forgiveness draw them close...or will their love be shattered forever?
This book pulled me in from the very beginning.  Lexi Taylor is doing what she loves - starting and running a youth center.  She's also taken in her nephew because his mother is trying to find herself and continually leaves him alone.  Lexi is the stable family member that he needs.  Cooper Jackson left town and Lexi for an NFL career and never looked back or so Lexi thinks.  Will an online auction to raise money for Lexi's youth center be what it takes to get Cooper back to town and into Lexi's life?

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