Thursday, June 1, 2017

The 17

I received a copy of The 17 by Clint Kelly from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

On the Number 17 bus, serving downtown Seattle, widower Jimmy Carter (not the former U.S. president) crashes headlong into the Almighty... 

Jimmy is lost without his wife. He measures his days as the time After Ruthie. It's now the year A. R. 4. When God starts speaking to him on the 17, Jim reluctantly agrees to serve, uncertain if he’s gone off the deep end or if God—Who can do most things on His own—is really so desperate as to need Jimmy to lend a hand. 

When love blossoms, hurting people are restored, and lives are saved—and lost, Jimmy discovers he's linked to God in a most profound way.

A very interesting book.  Jim rides the 17 bus frequently.  On the 17 he sees lots of interesting people.  When Jim starts to hear God talk to him he thinks he's lost it. Each time he does as he's told things on the 17 change.  Will God continue to change Jim's life or will he stop listening?

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