Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life In Spite of Me

I recently read Life In Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After A Fatal Choice by Kristen Jane Anderson. She wanted to die. God had other plans. Overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotional trauma, Kristen Anderson no longer wanted to live. One January night, determined to end her pain once and for all, the seventeen-year-old lay across train tracks not far from her home and waited to die.
Instead of peace, she found herself immersed in a whole new nightmare.
Before the engineer could bring the train to a stop, thirty-three freight cars passed over her at fifty-five miles per hour. After the train stopped and Kristen realized she was still alive, she looked around and saw her legs ten feet away.
Surviving her suicide attempt but losing her legs launched Kristen into an even deeper battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as unrelenting physical pain all from the seat of a wheelchair. But in the midst of her darkest days, Kristen discovered the way to real life and a purpose for living.
If you think your problems are bad this book will help put things into prospective. Nothing is so bad that it can't be worked through. I think Kristen shows this well in her book.
I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books.

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