Monday, October 24, 2011

Work Love Pray

I recently received a copy of Work Love Pray by Diane Paddison from Net Galley for an honest book review. The number of Christian women in todays professional workforce is increasing, and they are hungry for practical mentoring. They yearn to learn from someone who has climbed the ladder of success without sacrificing family or faith - something author Diane Paddison has done with excellence and grace.

The stories Paddison shares about her corporate, personal, and spiritual life, as well as the lives of other women like her, are both insiring and instructive, providing on-target advice and concrete examples of how to succed without feeling overwhelmed or compromised.

Full of practical, proven guidance that is both professionally viable and bibically sound, each chapter includes sidebars featuring pertinent facts from current research, resources relevant to the chapters topic, action-oriented "to do" lists, and other interactive material. Chapters also include questions suitable for discussion, making it an excellent resource for use in small groups.

This book gives great advice from someone who has 'been there done that'. She gives examples from her life and how she handled the situation - even when she didn't handle it the way she should. Paddison hopes that you can learn from her mistakes like she has. There are many stories of other women who have made it to the top while never compromising the values they hold dear. This is a great read for any women who works outside the home.

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