Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fed Up with Flat Faith

I received a copy of Fed Up with Flat Faith 10 Ways to Pump Up Your Faith by Kathy Howard from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Desperate. Tired. Dry. Flat. Many Christians struggle with flat faith. What they really desire is a fiery, passionate, connected faith. Fed Up with Flat Faith equips readers with five attitudes and five behaviors that will have them preparing their hearts and lives for God’s activity. Author and teacher Kathy Howard provides practical, foundational faith principles. With personal reflection questions, biblical truths, and the power of the Holy Spirit, faith can become dynamic and readers no longer have to live fed up with flat faith.
Kathy, a minister of adult education at a church in west Texas, has been teaching the Bible to adults for more than 20 years. In addition to discipling Christians, she also has an exciting teaching ministry for spiritual seekers and new believers. Actively involved in women’s ministry, Kathy is often invited to speak at women’s events and conferences. She holds a master’s degree in religious education and a certificate in women’s ministry from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Married for 25 years, she and her husband, Wayne, have three children and currently reside in Midland, Texas.
I could totally relate to this book!  It was like Howard knew me.  She gives some great ways to 'pump up your faith'.  Each of the 10 ways she gives is backed by scripture and her own real life examples.  Boy is it good to know that someone else has been there done that.

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