Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nine Minutes Past Midnight

I received a copy of Nine Minutes Past Midnight by Ernest F. Crocker from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dr. Ern Crocker, called out to a medical emergency, became aware that God was working alongside him. In Nine Minutes Past Midnight, we hear this amazing life-changing story, which led Dr. Crocker to compare notes with many other doctors from around the world, about their experiences with God in medical emergencies and situations. Together, Dr. Crocker's story, and the testimonies of other medical professionals, including US doctors, create this inspirational account of how God interacts and intervenes in the world of medicine today. Our hope lies with God, not our circumstances! Sift through the stories of real-life doctors and medical professionals who have experienced the work of God first-hand, in both quiet, clear ways, as well as in dramatic fashion. Crocker has captured a powerful record of how a personal God interacts and intervenes in the lives of doctors, their patients, families and friends, to produce radical life change.

This was an interesting read.  Not only am I not familiar with Australia, I'm not familiar with medical terms.  Ern did a good job of explaining medical terms in layman's terms so that I could get the idea of what was wrong with the person.  I think it's interesting the more Ern searched for doctors that have experienced miracles the more friends he made and more opportunities came his way.  

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