Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winter Turns to Spring

This book focuses on Brad and Ashley Hanes, young newlyweds who are facing their first season of winter. Opposite work schedules, differing views on finances and when to start a family, and Brad’s selfish and immature habits are forcing the young couple apart, causing them to question why they ever got married in the first place. It will take a whole lot of help—mostly from their nosy but well-meaning neighbors—for Ashley and Brad to pull their marriage out of the winter blues and into a hopeful spring. As usual, the residents of Deepwater Cove will pop in and out of the story to delight readers. They’ll encounter Cody and see his continued independence and growing friendship with Jennifer; Patsy and Pete’s escalating romance; and Charlie, a recent widower who is taking on the challenges and excitement of his golden years with zeal.
I really enjoyed this series.  Getting to know each couple was like getting to know old friends again.  Having everyone work together when times get bad and always looking out for the well being of your neighbors and friends is so nice.  I really would like to see every neighborhood be like this again.

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