Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book of Days

I just finished Book of Days by James L. Rubart.
"… in Your book all my days were recorded, even those which were purposed before they had come into being." —Psalm 139:16
Young Cameron Vaux’s mind is slipping. Memories of his wife, killed two years earlier in a car accident, are vanishing just as his dad predicted they would. Memories he knows he has to remember.
His father tells Cameron that to save his mind he must find "the book with all days in it" —the past and future record of every soul on earth.
When an obscure clue leads Cameron to a small central Oregon town, he meets enigmatic Taylor Stone, a possible guide to finding the book who seems to carry secrets far deeper than anyone imagines. Local hotshot TV personality Ann Bannister thinks the legend of the book is a farce, but she has her reasons to join Cameron’s search anyway. Finally, there is fanatical New Age guru Jason Judah, who will stop at nothing to find the book of days before Cameron does.
This is another great book by James L. Rubart.  There are days that I can totally relate to Cameron when he's trying to think of something but just can't remember no matter how hard he tries.  I like how no matter how hard everyone in town is against helping him find out about the book of days Cameron never gives up.  The more Cameron snoops the more he likes the people and Three Peaks, with the exception of Jason Judah.  Jason seems the best person in town to help but he rubs everyone the wrong way and seems to love doing it.  The town also has a connection to Cameron's late wife's adopted sister Ann Banister.  She and Cameron haven't talked much since Jesse's death, but work together to find her family history and the book of days.

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