Thursday, February 6, 2014

No One to Trust

I received a copy of No One to Trust by Lynette Eason from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Summer Abernathy must run for her life when she wakes up to find her husband Kyle missing, three men in her home intent on finding him, and the life she's been living based on a lie.  Which Kyle Abernathy did she marry? The computer programmer she met in line at the bank? Or the one who was apparently using that image as a cover story?

The search for her husband--and answers--takes Summer ever deeper into a world of organized crime where people are used one moment and discarded the next. And with her deepest relationship of trust already shattered, Summer doesn't know who to believe.
Summer is woken up very early to a man standing over her.  He's looking for her husband and a laptop.  She learns that her husband Kyle Abernathy is really David Hackett, part of the witness protection program, and his past has just caught up to him.

Summer has just had her trust broken in the biggest way. She’s married a man whose whole life is a lie, and she has no idea how to cope with that. But that worry soon becomes secondary to a more important objective—staying alive when the people out to get them seem to know their every move.

Kyle/David has his own problems. He does love his wife: he didn’t just marry her to throw his enemies off his trail (as they’d be looking for a single man, not a married man with a mortgage). But now he has to try to stay alive long enough to convince Summer.

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