Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chasing Sunsets

I received a copy of Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Growing up in a comfortable home, Mary Catherine wanted for nothing. Though she loves her wealthy parents, their lifestyle never appealed to her. Instead, Mary Catherine pursues meaning through charity work, giving away a part of herself but never giving away her heart.

Mary Catherine lives in Los Angeles with her roommate, Sami, and volunteers at a local youth center with coach Tyler Ames and LA Dodger Marcus Dillinger. Despite Mary Catherine’s intention to stay single, she finds herself drawing close to Marcus, and their budding romance offers an exciting life she never dreamed of. That is, until she receives devastating news from her doctor. News that alters her future and forces her to make a rash decision.

I just love Karen Kingsbury's books!  This is the second book in the Angels Walking series and I can't wait until the next one.  Marcus Dillinger has a calling to help the kids in LA.  He and his teammate Tyler convert an old warehouse into a youth center for area kids.  During the open house Marcus becomes a target for the area gangs.  Taylor's girlfriend Sami and her roommate Mary Catherine help out at the youth center and with the help of the local police department start a new Last Time In program for troubled youth.  As the programs are making a difference in the community Mary Catherine gets the worst news of her life.  Will she make the worst decision of her life?

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