Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hand Me Down Husband

I received a copy of Hand Me Down Husband by Rosanna Huffman from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Suzanne said she'd never marry a widower. Mitch promised he'd never marry again. But that was before they met each other.
High school teacher Suzanne Bloomer has buried herself in her job at New Vision Christian School in Farmersburg, Ohio. But she’s none too pleased when widower Mitch Sanderson leaves his fields mid-harvest to fill a teacher/principal position at the school. She knows better than to trust a Sanderson, and she’s determined not to be tricked by one again.

When Mitch’s persistent kindness starts to confuse Suzanne’s feelings for him, she remembers that she is even less interested in a hand-me-down husband than she is in wearing secondhand clothing. Neither has Mitch forgotten his late wife’s plea that he never remarry. His children certainly haven’t. Will their faith in God and trust in each other be enough to overcome the odds and build a life together?

This was a good book.  Based on the title I felt sure that Suzanne and Mitch were going to fall in love but it seemed to take forever.  They both grew up in Farmersburg Ohio just several years apart.  When they both end up working at New Vision Christian School they seem drawn to each other from the start.  Suzanne didn't have a good home life growing up and has a very bad view of herself.  Can Mitch show her that she's worth so much more?

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